A Roadmap for Cycling Success

A Roadmap for Cycling Success

Capital Bike has been busy advocating for cycling in the Region. Check out our new document called “A Roadmap to Cycling Success” in our newest post, and read about the work we’ve been doing to make cycling better for everyone.

In January 2023, Capital Bike released its new advocacy document called “A Roadmap to Cycling Success”. It was shared with each of the 13 municipalities in the Greater Victoria region.

The idea behind the Roadmaps is to boil down what needs to be done to make each municipality bikeable for people of all ages.  We know that City Councils are very busy so our goal was to keep the recommendations simple, practical, and tangible.

See a sample Roadmap HERE.

Our top areas of focus are:

  1. Build a Network for All
  2. Providing Safe Places to Park Bikes
  3. Supporting Behaviour Change

We’ve been really happy with the response from Councils. We’ve presented to Saanich, Oak Bay, and the Victoria Regional Transit Commission.  We’ve also had or set up meetings with Central Saanich, North Saanich, District of Saanich, City of Victoria, Township of Esquimalt, and BC Transit.

It’s been great to have this kind of reception.  We’ve really enjoyed being able to talk about these ideas with Councilors and staff and had a very positive reception.

We’re working hard to keep cycling at the forefront of decision-maker’s minds. If you would like to help out with advocacy, please reach out to us! We would love to get you involved. 

Send an email to: Admin@capitalbike.ca

Happy Riding!

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