All Aboard

All Aboard Family Cycling Program

A multi-faceted initiative to introduce and encourage families to use bikes for transport and recreation in the Greater Victoria Area.

Online Family Cycling Resources

Join us this Go By Bike Week to hear the stories, tips and tricks of local family cycling experts!

Focusing on three topics, Cycling While Pregnant, Cycling With Kids (On Your Bike) and Cycling With Kids (On Their Bikes), the All-Aboard Program invites those curious about family cycling to watch a short video made by local family cyclists with Quadratic Sound about their experiences riding with their kids; attend our Facebook Live Q&A sessions, and download a one-page “Cheat Sheet” with tips and recommended routes (still to come)!

Participate in the free, live Facebook Event Q&As at the following links:

Skills Workshops & Family Rides

We are hosting free, in-person workshops for families to come and learn tips and tricks to riding bikes as a group. Whether your kids are riding on their own, or you or your partner are pulling them along, you can bring the whole family! Our Bike Skills Instructors will guide you through best practices, easy bike maneuvering skills, and even lead you on a group ride to a special and fun final location!

Register your family for workshops in either North Saanich (June 27) or Downtown Victoria (July 2 and 5) using the links below.

Individual skills include:

turn signals, stop signals

road signs (stop signs/yield signs/crosswalks, etc.)

riding in a straight line

stopping / starting / turning

helmet fit/adjustment

bike check

Group Riding Skills:

Riding single file on the street

Riding away from the door zone of parked cars

Where should adults ride in relation to the child or youth

Allow room for stopping distance (distance between bikes)

Communication – talk before you stop

What to do at intersections when you are in a family group

Route selection and how to choose a route

Please note that children should be at least 1 year old to participate in the program. The workshop is not designed to teach children how to bike, therefore, if they are unable to ride on their own, they should be carried/towed on you or a partner’s bike.

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North Saanich - June 27


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North Saanich - June 27


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Downtown Victoria - July 2


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Downtown Victoria - July 5

(4:30 - 7:30)

More Programming to Come:

Balance Bike Lending Program

More Programming to Come:

Downloadable One-Page Info “Cheat Sheets”

More Programming to Come:

Videos of local family cycling experts

Program Sponsors