Bike Courses

Bike Courses

We are here to help folks learn how to ride safely, effectively, and enjoyably on the road. Building safe cycling habits and confidence is the key to getting more cyclists on the road, as well increasing awareness of a cyclist’s responsibilities as a road user.

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Built to suit any lifestyle, we offer courses for all age groups and abilities. Follow the links below to book your course today. We have taught over 16,000 people of all ages and abilities how to have fun and stay safe on the bike since our Bike Skills program began over 20 years ago.

Please see below for a list of course offerings. Any questions? Send an email to or call 250-920-5775.


*Please note the courses may be offered in a hybrid format (online classroom followed by in-person on-bike) due to COVID-19 until at least September 2021*

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(ages 7-9)

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(ages 10-15)

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Older Adults

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Workplace Workshops

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Beginner Biking

Bike Skills course
participant testimonials:

“Thanks so much for the excellent course! It went above and beyond my expectations and you seem to have transferred some of your confidence to me 🙂 Your instructor was really passionate about cycling and it’s launched me into biking to work every day.”

“I recommend anyone that drives any vehicle on the road whether truck, car or bus to take this course”

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the team who came to our school.  They were knowledgeable, organized, enthusiastic and super helpful!  My kids had a fabulous time and learned a lot, as I did. I feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity and only wish everyone could experience it!”

“I learned so many useful tips, that I cannot even believe that I hesitated to take this course”