Youth Bike Skills Courses

Youth Bike Skills Courses

A comprehensive introduction to cycling through engaging classroom and on-bike handling lessons, followed by a fun guided road ride led by our experienced instructors. See below for upcoming 2023 courses.

Youth 10 – 15

A bike is a youth’s first vehicle; it can give them the freedom they desire, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Our youth courses teach traffic safety, cyclist responsibilities, and bike handling skills to develop safe cycling behaviours.

Upcoming Courses

This is a 5 hour course that alternates between 45 minute segments in class and on bikes.

The in-class portion of our course focuses on:

  • Traffic rules and the principles of safe cycling
  • Cyclist rights and responsibilities

The on-bike portion of our course will improve skills such as:

  • Emergency stopping
  • Bike handling
  • Signalling
  • Shoulder checking

The course concludes with a guided road ride where participants practice their knowledge and skills through various traffic situations on quiet, residential streets.

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