On June 20th, our beloved Cargo Bike was stolen. With the help of the community, our bike was found on June 21st, but not before enduring serious damage.

Capital Bike Cargo Bike Retrieved! 

At 5 AM on Tuesday, June 20th, our beloved Cargo Bike, nicknamed The Whale was stolen from outside our office on Hillside Ave.

At 1:45 PM Today, June 21st, we got a call from VicPD telling us that they may have recovered our cargo bike. 

We feel both happy and sad.  Happy and filled with gratitude to this amazing community for their outpouring of compassion, the hundreds of Social post shares, and the hundreds of people who were actively looking for it. 

Sad because the thief did serious damage to the bike: stripping the bike of the motor, drivetrain, all the electronics (computer, throttle, assist shifter, lights, horn, wiring) and damaging or destroying a host of other components.  

But, grateful because the bike can be repaired – and our one-of-a-kind Capital Bike cargo bike will ride again!  

We want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who supported us.  It has been a roller-coaster 36 hours. Seeing how much the community cares has meant the world to us. 

We’re looking at about $2,500 in repairs to get the bike rideable again.   If you would like to help us, and would like a Charitable receipt, please consider donating at our fundraising page at CanadaHelps!

With some luck (and a lot of generosity) you might just see the Whale at the Pride Parade on July 9th

Thank you Capital Region!  You are truly amazing!

– Your Capital Bike Team

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