Fall Bike To Work Week Team Prize Winners!

Well that’s a wrap! Fall Bike to Work Week 2019 is over but not forgotten! We are so proud of the turnout this year! We had 2,096 people register in 792 teams. Together we rode 94,481 kms in 10,232 trips. Being great people, we averted 20, 562 kgs of GHGs and burning a mind-boggling 2.8 million calories! A special ‘thank you’ to the 127 people who joined us for the first time as new riders!

Without further ado, here are our team prize winners for Fall 2019!

Whale Watching for Two$300Eagle Wing ToursTeam Grand PrizeThe Innovative Cyclists
Accommodation for 2 in a “Classic Queen” room and breakfast for 2 at the JBI Restaurant$210James Bay InnTeam Grand PrizeVictoria Clinic
1 Case of Rumble Supershake, Tiger Iron Necklace, $25 Lifestyle Market Gift Card, Hiplock Bike Lock, Electra Pizza Bell, 2x Evo USB Front Lights, Volvo Lifepaint$190Rumble Supershake, Johanne’s Creations, Oak Bay Bikes, Lifestyle Markets, North Park Bikes, MEC, Volvo, RumbleTeam Grand PrizeEngineering / GIS
Imperial Jasper Onyx Bracelet, $10 West Coast Waffles Gift Certificate, Electra Bus Bell, 2x Evo USB Front Lights, 2x Volvo Lifepaints$185Johanne’s Creations, North Park Bikes, MEC, VolvoTeam Grand PrizeSMUS Green Jags
4 City of Victoria Drop-in Passes, $25 Canoe Gift Card, $25 LifeStyles Gift Card, $15 West Coast Waffles Gift Card, Lezyne Pressure Drive Pump$160City of Victoria Recreation, Canoe Brewpub,LifeStyle MarketsTeam Grand PrizeIsland Health L & O
One month membership, 1 Rumble Supershake$125Alive Mind Body, RumbleTeam PrizeVREB
Single float, 1 Rumble Supershake$93Float House, RumbleTeam PrizeMAIM on Wheelz
Bike Tune up, 1 Rumble Supershake$85Cycles West, RumbleTeam PrizeCyclists at Risk
Bike Tune up, 1 Rumble Supershake$85North Park Bikes, RumbleTeam PrizeSuck-It-Up
Gift certificate, 1 Rumble Supershake$55Six Mile Pub, RumbleTeam PrizeHealth’s Angels
Gift certificate, 1 Rumble Supershake$55Six Mile Pub, RumbleTeam PrizeWheeled and Dangerous
Gift certificate, 1 Rumble Supershake$55Market on Yates, RumbleTeam PrizeLMID
Gift certificate, 1 Rumble Supershake$55Valhalla Pure, RumbleTeam PrizeEulerian Cycles
Two admission to Wildplay, 2 Rumble Supershakes$110Wildplay Element Parks, RumbleTeam PrizeRehab Riders
Entry for two, 2 Rumble Supershakes$60Horror Escape, RumbleTeam PrizeSpokin Hot
Align or Sierra Helmet, 1 Rumble Supershake$60WestShore Bikes, RumbleTeam PrizeGliders
Gift Certificate, 1 Rumble Supershake$105Trek, RumbleTeam PrizeNaden Band of the RCN
Gift Certificate, 1 Rumble Supershake$55Trek, RumbleTeam PrizeSpencer Spokes
4 intermunicipal rec passes, 2 Bin 4 gift certificates, 1 Cycles West Seat Pack, 1 Rumble Supershake$82Intermunicipal Recreation Managers Committee, Bin 4 Burger Lounge, Cycles West, RumbleTeam PrizeCISUR Riders
4 Intermunicipal Rec Passes, 2 Panago Let’s Get Personal Vouchers, 1 $25 Lifestyles Gift Certificate, 1 Rumble Supershake$72Intermunicipal Recreation Managers Committee, Panago Pizza, LifeStyles Markets, RumbleTeam PrizeColwood Commuters
4 Intermunicipal Rec Passes, 3 Milestones Apps, 1 $25 iON Clothing Gift Certificate, 1 Rumble Supershake$93Intermunicipal Recreation Managers Committee, Milestones, iON Clothing, RumbleTeam PrizeEDUC1 Saddle Soeurs
2 Oak Bay Rec Drop-In Passes, $25 Milestones Gift Card, 1 free yoga at Hemma Yoga, 1 Rumble Supershake$64Oak Bay Parks & Rec., Rumble, Milestones
Hemma Yoga
Team PrizePoppy Peddlers
$24 Lifestyle Markets Gift Card, 1 Free Personal Panago Pizza, Delta Smartphone Holder, 1 Rumble Supershake$75Oak Bay Bike, Lifestyle Market,  Panago Pizza, RumbleTeam PrizeFender Splendour
Filzer PR-4 Pannier Rack, Electra Whale Bell, North Park T-Shirt, CRD Reusable bag, 1 Rumble Supershake$90North Park Bikes, CRD, RumbleTeam PrizeCycling in Records Time
Proviz Nightrider Jacket, Electra Taco Bell, 1 Rumble Supershake$100Proviz, North Park Bikes, RumbleTeam PrizeFourth Floor
$25 Songhees Catering Gift Certificate, $25 Lifestyle Markets Gift Card, Arm Warmers, Volvo Lifepaint, 1 Rumble Supershake$100Songhees Catering, Lifestyle Markets, WestShore Bicycles, Volvo, RumbleTeam PrizeGot Gusto

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