Route Planning and Cold Weather Webinars – September 27 & 28

Route Planning and Cold Weather Webinars – September 27 & 28

In honour of Fall Go By Bike Week (Oct 3-9), we’re hosting 2 very exciting and informative webinars! Check ’em out!

Don’t Trust Google Maps: Navigating by Bike w/Ed Pullman

September 27th, 2022, @12PM via Microsoft Teams

Whether you’re a novice or a long-time commuter, one of the most important parts of getting around on a bike is planning a safe route from your origin to your destination.

Planning your route can be difficult if you’re used to commuting by car or bus. There are lots of route options on foot and bike that aren’t accessible in a vehicle you may not know about.

Even worse, mapping tools like google maps will often give you a very direct route but neglect to mention the much safer cycling route a block or two over.

Join this webinar with Capital Bike board member and long-time cycling commuter Ed Pullman for advice on safely getting around our region on 2 wheels.

Not Just Summer Fun: Fall/Winter Riding w/Adam Krupper

September 28th, 2022, @12PM via Microsoft Teams

You’ve had your fun riding all summer, but now that fall is upon us, you may be thinking twice about cycling. What if it rains? What if it’s dark on your commute? What if you want to bike during Victoria’s dreaded snow week?

Join Capital Bike’s Executive Director, Adam Krupper, as he guides you through safe and successful fall and winter riding.

Learn about bike maintenance & equipment, what to wear, route planning, best practices, & more! A Q&A will follow the presentation, allowing you to feel your most confident cold-weather cycling self!

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