The Sticker Challenge

The Sticker Challenge

Brought to you by Monk Office

This activity is an opportunity to support the local businesses that support Go By Bike Week. Enjoy this scavenger hunt during Go By Bike Week, May 31-June 6.

How it Works

We’ve distributed 10 different collectible sticker types to our local sponsors, and are challenging Go By Bike participants to collect them in order to win special prizes. Visit bike shops, cafés, breweries, and more, during Go By Bike Week to collect stickers on a bicycle scavenger hunt. If you collect 5 out of 10 collectable stickers while riding your bike you’ll be entered to win special prizes. Post your stickers on social media with the #GoByBikeWeek2021, or email us at, to win. We’ll draw a prize winner from those who share photos of the stickers they collect!

Stickers are available between Monday, May 31, and Sunday, June 6. Please note business hours of participating locations before visiting.

The Sticker Challenge

Collect at least 5 out of 10 sticker types to win!