How You Can Bike Your Vote in the Oct 15th Election

How You Can Bike Your Vote in the Oct 15th Election

UPDATE Oct 16th: Thanks everybody who voted, campaigned or ran for office. We’re excited to work with our new councils on making biking better in the region. Fill our survey out below to let your new council know what they’ve done well & where they can build in the next four years

On October 15th, we will vote in the next local election that will decide your local council for the next four years. And more than ever, we need you to bike your vote to see how we can keep progress moving in your local municipality.

Tell us about biking in the past four years

We are also going to need to tell the story of biking in the past four years – how have the new bikeways changed your ride (or got you riding in the first place). And where can we go next – new councils will need guidance from you to tell them where to build next. So we’re looking for you for a bit of advice:

Who do I vote for?

While we aren’t endorsing anybody, we have partnered with 6 other groups (Walk On, Victoria, Better Transit Alliance, BC Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA), Vancouver Island Transportation Corridor Coalition (VITCC), Greater Victoria Placemaking Network (GVPN), and the Action Committee of People with Disabilities) in Victorians to Transportation Choice, which are asking candidates a whole series of questions including their support for more bikeways, 30 km/h speed limits, low traffic neighbourhoods, and more.

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