International Winter Bike to Work Day

International Winter Bike to Work Day

Friday, February 8th is International Winter Bike to Work Day (WBTWD).The Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society, the CRD, and are collaborating to host WBTWD in Victoria. Our goal is to have Victoria rank in the top cities around the world for participation but we can’t do that without you! Take one minute to visit the official WBTWD website at and commit to ride on Friday, February 8th.

To celebrate WBTWD, we will be hosting a Celebration Station on Friday from 7:00am – 9:00am at Janion plaza (at the northwest corner of Pandora & Wharf/Store Streets). Join us there for free warm beverages, snacks, prize draws, giveaways, and a special valentines surprise.

Remember that riding in winter riding conditions presents its own set of challenges. ? Here are some winter riding tips to stay comfortable and safe:

1) Stay warm and dry. Dress in layers to be prepared for changing conditions.

2) Use your lights – day and night! Visibility (both seeing and being seen) is crucial when weather conditions are poor.

3) Check your tires. In winter conditions, use tires with more tread & lower the pressure by a few pounds (check the tire sidewall for recommended psi).

4) Be aware of poor road conditions & adjust accordingly. Ice, snow, and cold weather leads to slippery surfaces. Use extra caution riding on painted surfaces, metal surfaces, trestles, fallen leaves, and on snow and ice. Route planning is important when conditions aren’t ideal.

To read more winter cycling tips check out our Winter Biking article here.

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