Kids Bike Skills Courses

Kids Bike Skills Courses

Lifelong habits start at a young age. The sooner kids are taught safe bike handling skills, the quicker they develop confidence and ability on their bikes. Through clinics which teach these skills and knowledge through fun and creative activities, kids learn that cycling can be fun, easy, and safe. If they have a positive experience, they are more likely to continue cycling and developing their skills as they get older.

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The 3 hour on-bike clinic will focus on the following areas:

• Promote Helmet use and proper fit/safety equipment
• Following traffic rules and promoting safe cycling behaviour
• Proper bike riding techniques like balance, braking, steering and more
• Personal injury prevention strategies

The skills are taught through games and skill-related activities and are always fun! At the end of the course, each kid will receive a certificate outlining each key skill they learned.

*Please note that kids entering our courses must be able to ride a bike without training wheels. They must also be able get on and off a bike without help, start and stop a bike without help and maintain balance while pedaling for short distances.

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