Neighbourhood Rides

Neighbourhood Rides

Whether you’re planning on logging kilometres during Go By Bike Week or just looking for a new bike route we’ve got you covered! See these Discovery Rides, which are like self guided bike tours taking you to different points of interest in your community, and Scavenger Hunts, which challenge you to solve clues while zipping around on your bike, below.

Explore Greater Victoria By Bike!

To participate, check out both our information packets and google maps for each Discovery Ride and Scavenger Hunt, and take photos as you solve clues/visit points of interest.

Prize submissions for Go By Bike Week are currently closed, but we always love to see photos of people on bikes taking part in these rides! Email a photo of your ride to anytime and let us know how you enjoyed the ride.

2021 Neighbourhood Rides

Funding for the following rides was generously provided in part by the 2021 Strategic Plan Grant from the City of Victoria

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