The Sticker Challenge

The Sticker Challenge

Aug 14 – 27, 2023

We challenge YOU to discover new places by bike and collect stickers along the way! ?
Explore your community, try out exciting new bike infrastructure, support local businesses, and win from over $2,500 worth of prizes! ?
Enjoy this 100% FREE scavenger hunt from August 14th – 27th!

How it Works

1) Bike (or scooter, one-wheel, roller-skate, etc.) to the Sticker Challenge Locations during August 14 – 27.

2) Scan the QR code located at the front desks of each location and complete the entry form. This lets us know what locations you visited!

3) Collect your stickers! How many can you collect?

4) Optional: when you’re done collecting stickers, email us a selfie with your stickers for entry into our best selfie contest!

The more stickers you collect, the more prizes you are entered to win!

*Note: You may only enter locations and collect stickers during their hours of operation. Check the list of locations below for hours or simply Google before you go!


Some locations offer special incentives like free prizes or discounts! On the map, click the names titled with a star (*) to find out!

Stickers & Sustainability

This year our stickers are 100% compostable and recyclable, and made with FSC-certified materials and soy-based inks! Additionally, we do all our sticker deliveries and pick ups by electric cargo bike. 

The stickers each feature a different program that Capital Bike runs promoting sustainable and active transportation – Go By Bike Week, Downtown Bike Valet, The Locker, Bike Smart, and a special Capital Bike one too!

The Sticker Challenge promotes travelling by active transportation as opposed to by car. By participating in the Sticker Challenge, you can experience first-hand how fast, easy, and more fun biking is than trips by a gas-powered vehicle, and simultaneously improving one’s mind, body, and planet!

This challenge also lets you explore new biking paths and try biking for trips you might not have thought of before. Plus, you’re helping support local groups that do good things in your community. Our hope is that taking part in the challenge will help more people see how great biking can be in the Capital Region.


The #StickerChallengeYYJ is on August 14-27! ???????? We challenge YOU to discover new places throughout the Capital Region! Explore your community, try out new cycling infrastructure, and support local businesses! As you visit more locations, you will be entered to win fantastic prizes worth thousands of dollars! ???? Learn more at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I Get Stickers?

Ride your bike (or skateboard, roller-skates, etc.) to the locations. See map HERE.

Scan the QR code on the poster located at the front desks of locations and complete the entry form! Then, an employee will give you a sticker!

The more stickers you collect, the better your chances are of winning!

This year we are using 100% recyclable and compostable stickers!! The sticker designs this year each feature a different program that Capital Bike runs – Go By Bike Week, Downtown Bike Valet, The Locker, Bike Smart, and a special Capital Bike one too! Try and collect them all! You can learn more about our programs on our website.

Q: Who Can Participate?

Anyone and everyone! The only requirement is that you arrive on wheels! Bike, scooter, skateboard, roller-skates, one-wheel – you name it!

Collect your stickers from August 14-27, and complete the entry forms – that’s it!

Q: Do You Need a Smartphone & Data?

Nope! Though it is easier and we suggest you bring one if you have it, you can still participate without one.

If you do not have a smartphone or data, please email and we will instruct you on how to participate!

Q: What Are the Different Ways to Win?

We have several different ways you can win!

Remember, we track how many stickers you have collected every time you fill in an entry form at a location!


The Champion: collect all the stickers

Small But Mighty: collect 5+ stickers.

Rainbow: collect 5 different stickers

Colour Master: collect all of one sticker type

Social Media: Share your Sticker Challenge experience with by tagging @CapitalBikeCa and using the hashtag #StickerChallengeYYJ. *note, your account must be set to ‘public’ for us to see your entry.

Best Selfie: the coolest selfie with stickers submitted to us! enter this by emailing your selfie to before September 3rd.


Q: What Are the Prizes?

We have thousands of dollars worth of prizes to give away!

See complete details on our PRIZES Page.

Q: How Do I Enter?

At each location you visit, scan the QR code located at the front desks to complete the entry form for each location you visit! The more locations you visit, the more forms you can fill in, and the more chances you have to win!

Optional Selfie Contest

Send us a selfie with your stickers at the end of the contest!

Email the following to with the subject “Sticker Challenge Entry” by September 3rd.

  • your full name
  • phone number
  • Selfie will all your stickers for entry into our best selfie contest

After September 3rd, winners who meet the criteria will be chosen at random and contact via the email they used to enter.

Q: Can I Collect Two Stickers at One Location?

Unfortunately not. Each sticker you collect must be from a different location.

Q: Can I Complete the Entry Form From One Location More Than Once?

We use an honour system. Please only enter for a location that you have actually visited. Its only fun if we all follow the rules.

Q: Where Do I Put My Stickers?

Anywhere you’d like! Helmet, bike, face, friends – wherever! Just remember to make sure you have all of them at the end for your picture!

The participant with the most fun submission picture will get a special prize.

Q: Can I Hit All Locations in One Day?!

Quite possibly… But its a tricky feat.

Check out this 2022 route made by Jamie Wellbourn:

Note, 2023 locations are different. One must take into consideration the times each location is open.

Q: Can My Business be a Location in the Sticker Challenge?

We are finished adding locations to the 2023 Sticker Challenge.

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