The Society Hires a New ED!

The Society Hires a New ED!

On September 20, 2019, The Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society welcomed its new Executive Director, Adam Krupper.

Adam succeeds former Society ED, Amelia Potvin, who was with the Society, first as a Program Coordinator, and later, Executive Director. Amelia saw the Society’s flagship program, the spring Bike to Work Week, achieve record success with its highest ever participation numbers, most employer participation, and highest sponsorship levels.

Adam was previously the Mobility Coordinator at the City of Thunder Bay, ON. In his 9 years, he started the City’s Active Transportation program, helped implement 43kms of cycling facilities, directed their cycling education program, was awarded over 2-million dollars in grants for the municipality, and completed several major municipal strategic documents.

“Victoria is the most beautiful city in Canada to ride in” Krupper said, “and it is one of the most progressive cities for implementing top-notch protected infrastructure. There’s a lot to be proud of here and tremendous potential to make cycling and walking the first choice for most people. The Society can play an important role in making that happen – and I’m excited to be here helping out.”

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