Tips for Commuter Cyclists

Tips for Commuter Cyclists

At Capital Bike, we want to see you bike to work!

At Capital Bike, we want to see you bike to work! That doesn’t have to be a scary feat, in fact, studies show that those who use active transportation for their commute, are happier, and therefore, mentally and physically healthier than those who drive or take public transit. Here are some tips to help you begin your commute to school, work, or running errands on a bike.

  1. Before you get on the road, you’ll want to plan your route. Victoria has a fantastic cycling network and infrastructure put in place, all of which you can read about on our Cycling Infrastructure in Victoria and the CRD page. Try taking routes where you can avoid traffic or in quiet neighbourhoods where traffic is slower and safer.
  2. For those commutes where you can’t avoid traffic, make sure you know your rights as a cyclist as well as some basic traffic skills. Check out this helpful clip for some great tips: CAN-BIKE // Traffic Skills 101
  3. To avoid a sweaty back from a backpack, or the cumbersomeness (and danger) of having bags swinging from your handlebars, equip your bike with a rack so you can put on a pannier or a basket. Racks are easy to install yourself and can go on the front or the rear of your bike. Costs usually range from $30 to $200, with specific models for disk brake bikes, or to fit with very wide tires.
  4. Choosing your pannier is all about personal preference. Maybe you’re looking for something waterproof? Maybe you’d just like something small and fashionable? Check out this site to get an idea of the type of pannier you’re looking for.
  5. Fenders are necessary in Victoria because of our rainy winters. Avoid getting your clothes muddy and the investment in fenders will save you time and space in your bag because you won’t have to bring a spare change of clothes. You can also get detachable fenders for dry days! Fenders can cost between $25 and $80 for a pair. 
  6. Choosing a bike lock and knowing safe ways to store your bike. See our Safety and Security page for more info.

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