Bicycle parking demonstration

Bike Valet

Give event participants somewhere safe to store their bikes with our valet bicycle parking!

Capital Bike Valet

When you organize an event, you want to make sure everyone can participate worry-free. With Capital Bike Valet, attendees can safely check their bikes and enjoy your event without concern! Make sure to use our valet bike parking service at your next event.

What is Bike Valet?

Bike Valet is a valet bicycle parking service for bicycles, scooters, one-wheels, hoverboards, or whatever else your guests use to get to your event. On request, we can also operate a bag check service.

Our amazing staff use our portable bike racks and tagging system to ensure the safety and security of your belongings.

We also offer bike rack rental and delivery.

Where can Capital Bike offer bicycle parking?

Capital Bike offers valet bicycle parking for almost any event from Sooke to Sidney. For events expecting more than 200 bikes, we will need at least 4 weeks’ notice.

Why Capital Bike Valet?

Valet bicycle parking is a powerful tool for events. Capital Bike Valet is Victoria’s premier service for managing traffic, preventing theft, and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Bike Valet Service Breakdown

Is special pricing available for bike parking?

As a non-profit focused on cycling advocacy and education, Capital Bike is happy to consider supporting non-profit or charitable events, particularly those oriented towards cycling. In the past, we have also supported events like the Burnside Gorge Community Festival and the Tour de Victoria. For events like these, we are happy to work something out! Our goal is to make cycling fun, accessible, and safe.

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