What would you do with $2 million?

What would you do with $2 million?

Update: Council will now be discussing this on the 28th, so still time to send in an email.
Saanich Councillors Rebecca Merserau, Zac de Vries and Ned Taylor are proposing accelerating Saanich’s Active Transportation Plan by adding $2 million per year to help build new bike lanes and sidewalks.

UPDATE: Approved! Thanks to everybody that wrote in

Saanich councillors Rebecca Merserau, Zac de Vries and Ned Taylor are proposing to spend $2 milllion more on active transportation & road safety – a massive boost that will help get more bike lanes, sidewalks, cross walks and traffic calming measures built in the region’s largest municipality. 

At the same time, Saanich’s Climate Action Plan is recommending only a $1 million increase in spending on active transportation.

Given our climate crisis and Saanich’s road safety issues, we strongly support the $2 million investment. Saanich is already falling behind on implementing their 30 year Active Transportation Plan. This funding is essential for building a safer community for everyone.

Thanks to everybody that sent letters in support

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